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Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq / Stratford, CT USA

Principle: Douglas Layton

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Layton, Douglas
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Editor/Art Director: Dr. Douglas Layton
Graphic Design: Tülay Yılgör – İstanbul - TURKEY– CAT YAYIN TASARIM/ Joshua Lamothe - USA
Historical Research: Benjamin Kweskin / Ms. Tara Sinclair
Cover Design: Douglas Layton / Photography: David Park, Stafford Clarry Model: Paria Pourmozafari

Project Photographers: David Park / Faris Saadi
Printing: Platin Group - Istanbul, Turkey
Kurdistan Project Coordinator: Balin Zrar
Istanbul Coordinator: Gürsel Bulut
Web Design: Hejar Khalid / Pascal Company of Iraq
Marketing Director: Tara Sinclair


 Ancient History: Dr. Douglas Layton
Artists, Writers and Poets of Kurdistan – Dr. Douglas Layton and Qadir Qachagh
Art of KurdishMusic: Ms. Chopi Fatah
Battle of Gaugemela: Colonel (ret) Harry Schute
Classical Music of Kurdistan: Adnan Karim
Cuisine of Kurdistan: Ms. Chiman Zebari
Flowers of Kurdistan: Ms. Sarbagh Salih
Kurdish Film Industry: Jano Rosebiani
Preserving Nomadic Cultural Heritage of Kurdistan: Dr. Anne-Marie Deisser
Role of Women of Kurdistan: Ms. Pakshan Zangana
Security in Kurdistan:  Colonel (ret) Harry Schute
Peshmerga: Muhsin Khalidi


Douglas Layton * Stafford Clarry * Balin Zrar * Musleh Akraey * Shivan Harkey * Saman Muhamad Aziz - Salali Jan * Rauuf Shekh * Jameel * Naisih Ali Khayat * Muhamad * Aziz Jaf * Karzan Karo * Laila Gustafsson * Muhamad Oscar * Azad Nazrery * Rebin Hasary * Sirwan Muhamad Aziz * Banda Ata *Muhamad Sadiq Barzani * Ahmad Adni

Please note:
Inadvertently the following photographers were not mentioned in the credits of the Kurdistan Tour Guide. Their work was invaluable to the creation of the Guide and it is with regret that they were not mentioned. The correction will be made in the next edition. Special thanks to each of these talented Kurdish Photographers!
Muhamad Oscar * Azad Nazrery * Rebin Hasary * Sirwan Muhamad Aziz * Banda Ata * Muhamad Sadiq Barzani * Ahmad Adni


Douglas Layton

Editor - Art Director

Dr. Layton has lived and worked in Kurdistan for over 25 years in various capacities including the US State Department Country Director of Health Care Partnerships in Iraq and as the National Director for Kurdistan Development Corporation. He has written extensively on Kurdistan and is the founder the first American English language school in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

He was the originator of the term “The Other Iraq” used by many media outlets and governments today and initiated the successful International PR campaign titled Kurdistan: The Other Iraq shown on major news outlets such as CNN, FOX, CBS and BBC and many others. In 1995 Layton testified as an expert before the US Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs regarding the genocide against the Kurds by Saddam Hussein. He has traveled to more than 100 countries and is the founder of several International relief and development NGOs. He is also the founder of the first tour company in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He now resides in Connecticut and travels to Kurdistan on a regular basis.

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Testimony: "Dr. Layton has unparalleled experience with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and its leaders and people accumulated over several decades of close contact. Despite his many other pressing demands on his time, Dr. Layton very generously contributed his insights and deep knowledge of the region, and of the Kurds in particular. I owe him a debt of gratitude; not only for his judgment and practical advice, but also for sparking my admiration for the Kurdistan and its wonderful people. Dr. Layton has been assiduous in untangling partisan biases; as well as sorting fact from fiction during his many years of research. I am merely one the grateful beneficiaries of his work." Robert Muirhead, Author of "Bearing Witness: A Journey Through Kurdistan," 2019