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The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world.  As the “Cradle of Civilization” it is home to more archeological and historic landmarks than any other region on earth. It boasts the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world as well as its oldest bridge and aqueduct ruin, Neanderthal caves and countless citadels, shrines, churches, synagogues, mosques and ancient temples dot its landscape. 

But Kurdistan is more than mere ancient history. It is a vibrant democratic and modern society whose citizens are renowned for their hospitality and multi-cultural and religious diversity. 

For those wishing to enjoy dramatic scenery, Kurdistan’s vast number of lakes and rivers, and flowering mountains are a visual delight and a photographer’s paradise.  One can take a ride up to snow-covered peaks on one of the longest teleferics (cable car) in the world. There is no end to the pleasures and exciting things to do and see. One can shop in modern malls or ancient bazaars and there are culinary delights at every turn

In 2014 Erbil was named the Arab Capital of Tourism, a singular honor for a non-Arab city. It won out over Dubai, Sharjah and the Saudi resort of Taif. Nearly three million people a year visit the region and the number is growing. Five star hotels and resorts as well as economic accommodations abound. Some of them are pictured and there is a list of the most popular. 

We are certain that once you experience this fascinating land you will come to regard it as many others do... The Unbelievable Kurdistan! 



  • A quick guide that tells you all you need to know to plan a trip to the region—from how to get a visa to the cost of a taxi and important numbers you may need during your stay.
  • Cultural tips and even a phrase section to get you started with the language
  • The Guide is divided into four main sections covering the key Governorates with special exposés on the capitals of each.  
  • The Table of Contents is color coded to easily locate your special area of interest whether it is museums, nature, religion or ancient history.
  • There are sections on the Ancient and Modern History of Kurdistan, the religions of the region and security.
  • There are over 200 historical and archeological sites covered with full color photos, background and highlights every visitor should not miss. 
  • There are a number of special articles written by famous Kurds or International friends of the Kurds on subjects such as art and music and the emerging film industry. you will even find a section on cooking replete with recipes. 
  • In the back of the Guide is a map of the region on one side and the four major cities on the other. The Map can be easily removed if desired.
  • There is a section on doing business in Kurdistan and long term stays.
  • Finally there is a fairly exhaustive list of resources including National Geographic articles, books and essays as well as videos and photography.

Published By: World Impact Press

Owner: Douglas Layton

Locations: Stratford, CT and Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq


The warming relations between Kurdistan and the West has compelled many travelers to cast aside their uncertainties and to explore this beautiful country teeming with beautiful ancient decorated mosques, temples, the famous citadel, striking monuments and not to mention mouthwatering food. I recommend this book to everyone especially for those who has never been to Kurdistan.

Kurdisan - 28/08/2015

Congratulations excellent work.

SerAAsen - 21/05/2015